Episode Review – Project Avalon

Blake threatens to kill Servalan and Travis

I’ve just finished watching series A episode 9, “Project Avalon”. What an amazing episode. Terry Nation (and Chris Boucher) did an amazing job of making every scene have great dialogue and action. The story didn’t stop or slow down through its entire 50-minute run.

Gareth Thomas was, of course, fantastic as Blake and Paul Darrow once again provided a stunning performance as Kerr Avon, who is now my favourite of the Liberator crew. One of my major qualms with this episode was that Avalon (Julia Vidler) simply didn’t appear enough! Even when her robot clone was aboard the Liberator she had very little to say or do. The ending of the episode also seemed very rushed. What happened to Avalon? By the next episode, she had simply disappeared, with no explanation given. I hope to see her return in a future episode.

A huge highlight of this story for me was seeing more of Servalan. Commander Travis is way too boring and generic for me, and Servalan makes up for that perfectly. She seems to be the only one in the Federation with any sense and, because of that, she might as well be trying to catch Blake herself!

Overall, I’d say Project Avalon was in my top 3 episodes of the series so far.

Rating: 4/5