The Unofficial Audio Adventures – Announcement & Casting Call

Mock-Up CD Cover

Hello all! Happy Monday. If there is such a thing. I’m here to announce a new project; “Blake’s 7 – The Unofficial Audio Adventures.”

This is, essentially, an audio series set 50 years after series 4. It will feature an entirely new crew (with cameos from familiar characters) and a re-constructed Liberator. Now, this is where you come in. Although the series is being released through mine and my colleague’s (the lovely Sam Grant) YouTube channel “Darklight Films”, which has its own voice actor contacts, I really want to get some ‘proper’ fans involved. Currently, there is a script for a near 5-minute test/pilot set aboard the Liberator. The roles available for this test are:
– Glenn Berger (Main character for the series, male)
– Zen (I’m sure we all know who this is! Male)
– Roj Blake (Again, a familiar face. Only makes a cameo appearance to set up the story.)

If you wish to audition you can do so through the following methods:
– Twitter DM @notinthebox1
– Email (Preferred method)

We hope to get this properly off the ground very soon.

Thanks, everyone!