“Avon, Jenna! I need transport now!” – Liberator Teleport Bracelet DIY

The Finished Bracelet

Since it was wet and windy on Sunday I thought I might give a little prop building a go. My ideas fell to the teleport bracelets seen aboard the Liberator. Of course, this was fairly ambitious but I think I’ve just about pulled it off.

I didn’t plan to put anything about it on the blog, but I’ve been thinking over and hell, why not, eh? Here’s everything you’ll need to make it:
– 2 sheets of white card
– A moderately sized sheet of tin foil or silver sticky tape
– Brown, gold and red paint
– A glue stick
– A paintbrush
– Corrugated cardboard

Step 1
Measure 4 sections on the pieces of card, 2 which measure roughly 4cm and the other 2 which measure roughly 2.5cm. Cut them out and trim the length so that when bent into a circular shape the bracelet will slide over your wrist and have an overlap where you can glue.

Step 2
Double up each piece of card with their same-size partners and make sure they are tightly fixed with glue. You should be left with 2 strips of double thick card. Once you’ve done this, wrap around the 4cm width pieces into a tube-like shape and stick the overlaps. Let this dry. Take the thinner card and cut off a small rectangular section (see finished example image above) so that it will not wrap completely around the base piece. Glue one side of this and wrap it around the base tube so it sits in the centre of its side.

Step 3
Paint the entire bracelet brown. It may need two coats, so be patient and make sure that there are no white patches visible. Next, take your foil. Cut out a piece that will fit between the raised edges of the thinner width card and stick it in place (this will be the activation buttons base). Once this is done there are several other tin foil shapes you will need. A circle (for the microphone), a small square of silver, a long strip of silver and another strip that at one end has a forked like appearance.

Step 4
Stick the circular microphone piece on one side of the activation button and the square piece of foil on the other side. Then, leave a moderately sized gap (a few centimetres) for the gold writing which is present on the side of the bracelet. After this should go the plain silver strip, and then after another small gap the smaller silver strip with the forked end. The forked end should point towards the microphone.

Step 5
In the gap which you left between the silver square and silver strip, begin to paint the alien letters in gold. When painting them, imagine block-capitals with small additions and cutouts. This creates a realistic alien writing effect as seen on the screen-used prop. For mine, I used the letters “U”, “I” and “C”, but feel free to use whichever you want.

Step 6
Last but not least is the activation button. Cut out 2 rectangles of corrugated cardboard and glue them one on top of the other. Paint the cardboard red, leave to dry and stick in place on the silver foil base.

And that’s it! You now have your very own Blake’s 7 teleport bracelet. Want to see more? Just let me know and I’ll see what I can do.


The Unofficial Audio Adventures – Announcement & Casting Call

Mock-Up CD Cover

Hello all! Happy Monday. If there is such a thing. I’m here to announce a new project; “Blake’s 7 – The Unofficial Audio Adventures.”

This is, essentially, an audio series set 50 years after series 4. It will feature an entirely new crew (with cameos from familiar characters) and a re-constructed Liberator. Now, this is where you come in. Although the series is being released through mine and my colleague’s (the lovely Sam Grant) YouTube channel “Darklight Films”, which has its own voice actor contacts, I really want to get some ‘proper’ fans involved. Currently, there is a script for a near 5-minute test/pilot set aboard the Liberator. The roles available for this test are:
– Glenn Berger (Main character for the series, male)
– Zen (I’m sure we all know who this is! Male)
– Roj Blake (Again, a familiar face. Only makes a cameo appearance to set up the story.)

If you wish to audition you can do so through the following methods:
– Twitter DM @notinthebox1
– Email ryantempest@icloud.com
https://www.castingcall.club/manage/projects/blake-s-7-the-unofficial-audio-adventures (Preferred method)

We hope to get this properly off the ground very soon.

Thanks, everyone!

Episode Review – Project Avalon

Blake threatens to kill Servalan and Travis

I’ve just finished watching series A episode 9, “Project Avalon”. What an amazing episode. Terry Nation (and Chris Boucher) did an amazing job of making every scene have great dialogue and action. The story didn’t stop or slow down through its entire 50-minute run.

Gareth Thomas was, of course, fantastic as Blake and Paul Darrow once again provided a stunning performance as Kerr Avon, who is now my favourite of the Liberator crew. One of my major qualms with this episode was that Avalon (Julia Vidler) simply didn’t appear enough! Even when her robot clone was aboard the Liberator she had very little to say or do. The ending of the episode also seemed very rushed. What happened to Avalon? By the next episode, she had simply disappeared, with no explanation given. I hope to see her return in a future episode.

A huge highlight of this story for me was seeing more of Servalan. Commander Travis is way too boring and generic for me, and Servalan makes up for that perfectly. She seems to be the only one in the Federation with any sense and, because of that, she might as well be trying to catch Blake herself!

Overall, I’d say Project Avalon was in my top 3 episodes of the series so far.

Rating: 4/5

The Blake’s 7 Diaries Poster & Logo Discussion

The Official Blake’s 7 Diaries Poster

I’ve put together this little poster in Photoshop to use on social media and other places. It incorporates the sites logo into a more visually appealing package to promote The Blake’s 7 Diaries.

The site logo is, of course, based off of the iconic Blake’s 7 logo and was created in Photoshop CS6. The font used for the text is “Impact” with a bevelled & textured effect, and the circular background shapes are simple vector pieces. The arrow behind the text was made from a vector arrow shape which had it’s tail removed and then the cut out piece was drawn and selected with the pen tool. The arrow also has a bevelled effect.

The Beginning of an Era

Welcome to the first ever Blake’s 7 Diaries post!


This is, as the title says, a beginning of an era. Mainly for me, but for anyone reading this as well. This post marks the beginning of my reviews and thoughts on the stunning BBC science-fiction series “Blake’s 7”, as created by Terry Nation.

The first episode that’ll be reviewed on this site is Series As 9th episode, “Project Avalon”. I’m starting the reviews here because I’ve already watched the first 8 episodes of series A, but I’m sure I’ll come back and review them at some point.

So, sit back, relax and stay tuned for “Project Avalon”!

” Don’t philosophise at me, you electronic moron!”

Kerr Avon – Series A, Episode 3 “Cygnus Alpha”